Parents and child's shoes depicting unity and togetherness after receiving family counseling
Photo of an unsmiling Caucasian male teen wearing a GAP hoodie and standing outside with the sun setting behind him. Photo could represent a stressed and anxious teen and how receiving online therapy for anxiety in Illinois might be helpful.
Phot of a Caucasian female teen smiling which she holds up a watermelon slice in front of her face that is supposed to look like her smile. Photo could represent the happiness and confidence she now feels since working with a solution focused brief therapist in Illinois proving online anxiety treatment for teens.
Photo of mom and teen daughter sitting on a brown sofa in the living room with their hands clasped in prayer and mom with one hand covering her face which could represent the grief they are experiencing from a recent death in the family and the need for online therapy in Illinois for grief and anxiety.
Close up photo of a young African American girl with a curious look on her face which could represent how she is learning resilience and confidence through her online anxiety treatment in Illinois.