Online Therapy in Illinois

Online Therapy in Illinois

With all the disruption and unpredictability of this past year, you’re understandably concerned about the increasing anxiety you’re seeing in your child. You’d really like your child to start counseling but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Perhaps you live in Chicago or Aurora and you just don’t have time to sit in traffic for an hour each way trying to get to a counseling appointment.  Or you might live in rural central Illinois and may not have a lot of choices when it comes to mental health services. Maybe your child is just more comfortable attending counseling from the comfort of their own home which is possible with online therapy in Illinois.

Online Therapy in Illinois May Be the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

You want high-quality, specialized counseling services, but you also need therapy that fits with your lifestyle.  I understand.  Online counseling services at Briefly Counseling may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

I am an experienced, warm, and engaging therapist who specializes in anxiety. My services include counseling for child anxiety, teen anxiety, and Christian counseling. Through the use of a secure video chat, I’m able to offer your child mental health services without all the hassle of coming into a counseling office.

Benefits of Online TherapyFamily smiling and looking at a computer. This family is begining online counseling for anxiety for kids with a skilled online anxiety therapist, Helena, Madsen. If you're seeing your child struggle with changes. Therapy in Illinois can help with Briefly Counseling. Begin today!

Perhaps you’ve been a bit skeptical about online therapy. Let me assure you that online therapy delivers equal benefits to in-office counseling. In fact, it also provides advantages for kids and teens:

Online therapy is quiet, comfortable, and private

You identify a room for you and/or your child that is equipped with a computer, internet access, and webcam. Then we will each log onto my safe, confidential online videoconferencing system to meet for a private counseling session.

Video chatting feels familiar to kids  

Video chatting mimics the way kids and teens are most comfortable communicating with friends. As a result, online therapy may feel “safer” than visiting an office and having to share difficult feelings with an adult in person.

You have increased access to specialized therapists

Not everyone specializes in kids and anxiety and not everyone uses Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Having an experienced therapist who gets great results with her clients and is accessible with the click of a computer is invaluable.

Online therapy in Chicago and Illinois is more accessible

Some kids and teens with severe anxiety or health concerns find it especially challenging to leave their homes. Online therapy makes any physical or emotional barrier to in-person counseling a non-issue.

 Kids can relax in a familiar environment

Often kids will surround themselves with their pets and favorite toys. I love getting a glimpse into their world and seeing their artwork or creative things they’ve built in their garage or backyard!

Online therapy saves time and effort

Online sessions are easier for parents to manage because they do not need to commute. No rushing your child from school to a counseling office and no fighting the notorious Chicago rush hour traffic!

Online Anxiety Counseling for Kids in Illinois

Many children have irrational fears and phobias such as fear of germs, getting sick, or the dark. They may experience obsessive thoughts and even compulsions. Worry over being embarrassed, judged, or rejected by their peers is also common. At Briefly Counseling, I have successfully helped kids overcome these struggles through anxiety therapy for kids and teens.

Using an effective and well-researched approach called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, I consistently see positive results. When kids become happier and more resilient, it creates a more successful life for both parents and their children.

Online Anxiety Counseling for Teens in Illinois

African american adolescent seeking counseling for confidence and anxiety with a skilled and understanding anxiety therapist in Chicago or anywhere in the state of Illinois. Begin therapy with Brief Counseling today!

Teens struggling with school-related stress and anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, poor self-esteem, social anxiety, or relationship problems have also been greatly helped with Briefly Counseling’s anxiety therapy for teens.

Just like anxiety therapy for kids, I use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with teens. As a result of this specialized therapy approach, parents routinely report seeing their teen functioning better and appearing more confident.

Unlike younger kids, preteens and teens usually prefer to attend counseling sessions solo but I will defer to you and your child. Under Illinois code, minor clients aged 12 through 17 control their counseling records, however, parents are entitled to certain limited categories of information even without their teen’s consent.

For the purpose of Briefly Counseling, I will only share information with you that I deem supportive to your teen’s wellbeing and I will discuss openly with them if I feel the need to share something discussed in the session with you.

Is Online Therapy Effective at Briefly Counseling?

In a word, YES! At Briefly Counseling, many clients report a noticeable decrease in anxiety symptoms in as little as 2-5 sessions. There is something powerful that happens when you combine online therapy with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Researchers have actually studied how kids respond to computer-based therapy and found that it can be helpful for both depression and anxiety. According to the study, kids spend so much time on their phones and other devices that this form of therapy may come more naturally to them.

As a parent myself, I place the highest value on your child’s privacy. I use a video conferencing platform that has strict protections in place to prevent hacking and safeguard sensitive health information. There are NO permanent videos or voice recordings made of my online therapy sessions with your child. Your child’s privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance, so great measures have been taken to protect them.

Begin Therapy in Illinois with Briefly Counseling Today!

Teen boy beginning therapy in Illinois with a skilled and caring online anxiety therapist in Chicago and Illinois. If you're ready to get your teen the help they need Helena Madsen is here to help you. Begin online counseling today!

If online counseling feels like a good fit for you and your child’s needs, then Briefly Counseling may be a good fit for you. At my Illinois online counseling practice, I specialize in faith-based counseling, teen anxiety, and anxiety in young children. To start online therapy in Illinois, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Schedule an Appointment button.
  2. Select a day and time in my online calendar
  3. Then, learn about me, your caring online therapist 
  4. Watch your child gain confidence and feel better

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to me personally at (224) 236-2296 or fill out our contact form here.

Other Counseling Services at Briefly Counseling

Along with online therapy in Illinois, Briefly Counseling also provides anxiety treatment for kids, anxiety treatment for teens, and faith-based counseling for those looking for help from a spiritual perspective. All services are offered via online counseling. If you’re looking to find hope and confidence again in your child, you’ve come to the right practice. I look forward to working with you and your children.