About Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

About Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)?

SFBT is a counseling approach that highlights and activates your child’s strengths, resources, and resilience to bring about change in the shortest amount of time. By having a hopeful conversation, I expand your child’s vision of what’s possible in life.

How Does SFBT in Illinois Work?

Simply put, solution-focused brief therapy challenges your child to think and shift their pattern of attention.

They will answer questions they’ve never heard before and in ways, they’ve never heard themselves respond before. Doing so creates new pathways that will lead your child to notice differences and making changes in their life.

Numerous evidence-based studies have shown SFBT’s effectiveness.

Happy black family playing in boxes together. It can be hard to enjoy life when your anxious kid is struggling. You want to find anxiety solutions, but where. With solution-focused brief therapy in Illinois, your child can overcome.

What is the Difference Between SFBT and Other Counseling Techniques?

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is unique in the assumption of why your child comes for online therapy.

Although anxiety in kids and teens may be the problem, your child has also come to therapy because they want something.

And it’s this different assumption, that sends the conversation in a different direction creating more possibilities and avenues for change.

Additionally, the SFBT approach taps into the motivation of each child knowing that the pull of what they want (e.g. fun, calmness, happiness) is often a lot stronger than the push away from what they don’t want (e.g. anxiety).

Here are Some Additional Differences Between Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Other Therapy Approaches:

Your child is the expert, not their online therapist.

Your child has a way of doing things that work for them and will eventually lead them to their own solutions.

SFBT’s motto is: “Every child carries the key to the solution. Every solution-focused therapist just needs to know where to look.”

Creativity is a value.

I do not give your child suggestions on what to do or how to think. Instead, I invite them into a very particular way of describing their lives.

It’s this attention to detail and creative description of what life can be like that enables them to move forward with hope and expectation that they will be successful.

Your child gets all the credit.

Young teen girl smiling and waving at laptop. Teens work well with online therapy for anxiety solutions. What works even better is solution-focused brief therapy in Illinois. Help your teen overcome and get help from a skilled solution-focused therapist today!

Change occurs because of your child’s contribution to it. Therefore, they put their existing gifts, talents, skills, and resources to use to make it happen.

They begin to realize that change is not some external factor over which they have no control. Your child becomes the agent of change

Less is more.

Other counseling approaches believe that therapy is good in and of itself. In fact, some believe that more is better than less.

But this view is almost always associated with your child remaining in therapy longer and is NOT supported by research. The average number of solution-focused brief therapy sessions is 5.

Why does SFBT work so quickly?

We begin with the assumption that one session can make a difference, and very often it does.

I will help your child to zero in on their goals without getting lost in the details, old history, and diagnoses.

Change can happen quickly; and because your child’s strengths already exist, it often takes less time to put them to use in addressing the problem.

Is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Illinois Better Than Other Counseling Approaches?

No counseling approach is superior to another. However, I can tell you that every time SFBT has been researched, it has been shown to be as effective as any other therapy approach.

Most importantly, 100% of the time, it has been effective in fewer sessions.

Begin Solution-Focused Therapy with Briefly Counseling Today!Happy latina teen smiling and brush hair back with hand. Learn to overcome anxiety. Your teen can find faster solutions working with a solution-focused therapist. Begin solution-focused brief therapy today!

As a solution-focused therapist, I enjoy helping my clients come to fast resolutions for anxiety. Solution Focused therapy is effective and can help teens and children who are struggling find peace, confidence, and resilience. At my Illinois online counseling practice, I specialize in online Christian counseling, therapy for teen anxiety, and therapy for anxiety in young children. To start online therapy in Illinois, follow these simple steps:

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Any questions? Feel free to reach out to me personally at (224) 236-2296 or fill out my contact form.

Other Counseling Services at Briefly Counseling

In my online therapy practice, I use the solution-focused brief therapy approach for all of my services at Briefly Counseling. Services offered include anxiety treatment for kidsanxiety treatment for teens, and Christian counseling for those looking for help from a spiritual perspective. All services are offered via online therapy.  I look forward to working with you and your child in therapy. Begin seeing your teen or child work through what has been holding them back.

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