About Helena Madsen, LCPC

About Helena Madsen, LCPC

Online Child Anxiety Therapist for Kids and Teens in Illinois and Florida

You’re a good parent who loves their child unconditionally. In fact, you're present, encouraging, and a wonderful source of support. And yet, you still see your anxious kid and teen struggle with anxiety.

You have consulted with your pediatrician, read the books, and talked to friends, but nothing is working. Right now, you need an expert online child anxiety therapist who not only knows how to help your child find relief, but who can also help them step confidently into the future they want to create.


Are you a little nervous about finding an online child anxiety therapist in Illinois or Florida for your child?

It can feel scary or even awkward for your child to begin online anxiety counseling. Rest assured, I know how to put your child at ease, no matter their age. The online therapy process is warm and inviting and even fun. I create an atmosphere where your child begins to notice just how truly strong and capable they are in overcoming life’s obstacles including anxiety symptoms.

As an online child anxiety therapist in Illinois & Florida as well as fellow parent, I understand.

Your child can find joy again. Working with an online child anxiety therapist in Illinois or Florida can provide a safe and nurturing space for them to explore their fears and how to overcome them. In place of anxiety, greater confidence begins to emerge as does the motivation and momentum towards change.

As an online child anxiety therapist with a friendly and down-to-earth approach, I help kids and teens create change so they can live with more hope. When your child is taught to recognize and put to use the skills, resources, and talents they already possess, change happens naturally and life becomes so much better.

What's it like for your child to work with me as their online therapist?

Walkway in Chicago, IL with trees and a tall skyscraper. Looking for a skilled solution focused therapist in Chicago, IL, the Helena Madsen, an online solution focused therapist can help. Begin working in online therapy for kids who are dealing with anxiety or need a faith-based perspective.

I believe in your child. In fact, I believe kids and teens have amazing strength and resilience; that everyone has the capacity for change and growth, and that it can happen quickly.

Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy, I tap into the motivation of each child I work with. This is because I know that the pull of what your child wants (e.g., happiness, confidence, etc.) is often a lot stronger than the push away from what they don’t want (e.g., anxiety).

From the very first session, I see your child as someone who is able to answer any question I ask and to know exactly where it is they want to go. And I absolutely believe in their ability, and competence to change.

My favorite part about being an online child anxiety therapist in IL and FL?

I get to watch anxious kids and teens:

  • become heroes in a story in which they used to view themselves as victims.
  • experience passionate versus critical versions of themselves.
  • overcome their challenges, reclaim their lives and make meaningful changes.

Get to Know Me as Your Child’s New Online Anxiety Therapist in Illinois and Florida

The Fun Stuff About Me

I eat too much dark chocolate. Avid reader. Amateur knitter.

Dog lover with a miniature poodle (Maurice) and a Boston Terrier (Evy).

I love spending time with my husband and teenage daughter. It doesn’t matter what we do but cooking, traveling, and watching movies together are my favorites.

Lover of Jesus. He has changed my life in ways too numerous to count.

What My Friends Would Say About Me

Those who spend time with me have described me as kind, compassionate, and wise. I’ve been told I listen well, have a fun sense of humor, and put others at ease right away. Additionally, I have also been told I’m unflappable which can come in handy when working with teens 😊.

More than anything though, I’m seen as an encourager with the ability to bring people’s strengths and abilities to light. This trait makes me happy because there’s no greater joy than helping others see how truly amazing they are.

The Serious Stuff You Should Know About Your Child’s Online Anxiety Therapist

I graduated with honors in 2004 with a Master of Arts in Counseling from Northeastern University. And I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Illinois (#180.006659) and Florida (TPMC4077). I received my post-graduate certificate in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Lastly, I am a member of Solution-Focused Brief Universe and the Illinois Counseling Association.

Start Your Child’s Online Therapy Journey in Illinois or Florida With Me!Chicagoland area overlooking lake. Looking for the right online therapist for your anxious kids and teens isn't can be challenging. Helena Madsen a solution focused therapist is here to help you! Begin online anxiety treatment or Christian counseling today!

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, I would love to get to know you and your child! As an online child anxiety therapist in Illinois and Florida, I have a wide variety of experiences that can help your child conquer their anxiety symptoms. I provide a number of services including online counseling for anxious children, online counseling for anxious teens, and online Christian counseling. I am certified to provide Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

To start your child’s online therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete my Contact Form
  2. Or feel free to call me at (224) 236-2296
  3. We'll connect to chat and select a day and time for the appointment
  4. Watch your child gain confidence and feel better