Online Christian Counseling for Kids and Teens in Illinois and Florida (ages 7-18)

Online Christian Counseling for Kids and Teens in Illinois and Florida (ages 7-18)

Your faith means everything to you, and you do your best to instill Christian values in your child.

Some days you’re really pleased to see their faith strong and growing. But other days, you’re not so sure it makes much of a difference to them.

Like many kids today, they’re reactive, anxious, angry, and many times…confused!

It’s not hard to see why. The world can be a challenging, even hostile place for young believers right now.

Many political, moral, and religious beliefs vie for our children’s attention through technology and 24-hour media.

As a result, it can be difficult for them to hear and process their own thoughts amidst the constant noise. It’s not surprising that anxiety is increasing even among Christian kids and teens.

Friends, classmates, and social media continuously influence our kids. It can be overwhelming and confusing to distinguish which life choices align with God’s truths and which are based on false information.

Perhaps your child is trying to hear God’s voice in a situation, but is finding it hard to gain clarity? Or maybe they need assistance in managing their anxiety from a Christian perspective?

Understanding Online Christian Counseling 

As a Christian parent myself, I understand that you’re focused on your child’s mental health as well as their spiritual health. They may need services for anxiety due to relationship problems, school issues, or other life stressors. It’s important for them to receive help from a therapist that respects and addresses their concerns, while also incorporating their beliefs.

My name is Helena Madsen and I’m excited to provide Christian Counseling for kids and teens who are seeking a Christian perspective in their counseling.

What You Can Expect from Online Christian Counseling 

  • Weekly, 45-minute sessions. For kids and pre-teens, I plan to spend the last 8-10 minutes checking in one-one-one with you where I can outline your child’s successes, any ongoing challenges, and how you can reinforce the progress between sessions.
  • Child-specific Solution Focused Brief Therapy tools and techniques to draw out your child’s God-given strengths, skills, and resources.
  •  Incremental but lasting changes to how your child sees themselves and regulates their emotions with plenty of practice in sessions.
  • RELIEF as a parent and knowledge to help your child improve their two most important relationships – the one with God and YOU!

4 Benefits Your Child Can Expect From Online Christian Counseling with Briefly CounselingYoung teen in gray sweater sitting outside and praying with bible open. There are constant pressures to conform and your teen is trying to keep up. Online Christian Counseling in Illinois for teens and kids can help. Begin faith-based counseling in Illinois with a christian therapist today!

Benefit #1: Discussions have their roots in Christian beliefs and a relationship with God.

As your child’s online Christian therapist, I can incorporate God’s Word and a Biblical worldview into processing their problems. Together, we can explore what is going on in their life, while also exploring their beliefs and their relationship to God.

Benefit #2: Counseling sessions are safe and nonjudgmental.

Your child will be able to talk to me about the problems and trials they are facing in a safe and welcoming space. I take a curious stance, always striving to be warm, nonjudgmental, and supportive in my approach. Christian Counseling doesn’t need to be a space of stress or worry, but a place where your child or teen can open up and be honest about what is really going on in their world.

Benefit #3: I will always respect you child’s spiritual maturity and faith journey 

The level of Christian perspective involved in your child’s sessions will depend on their own faith journey and needs. I respect where they are in their faith walk and strive to meet them where they are on the path. Together, we will regularly discuss and monitor our progress to make sure they’re receiving the type of treatment that best suits them.

Benefit #4: I can help your child apply their faith in all areas of their life.

It can be difficult as a child or teen to live your faith out in a changing world. That’s why I can help your child in applying their beliefs in a way that makes sense to them. By receiving Christian counseling that closely aligns with your child’s spiritual beliefs, they will find it easier to apply what they’re learning and gaining in therapy into everyday life.

Online Christian Counseling for Kids and Teens (7-18 years of age) in Illinois & Florida

Kids and teens who experience anxiety of all kinds such as school-related stress and anxiety, phobias, perfectionism, procrastination, poor self-esteem, social anxiety, generalized worry, or relationship problems have been greatly helped with anxiety therapy for kids and teens.

Using a Biblical worldview coupled with the highly effective and researched Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach, I consistently see positive results. Parents routinely report seeing their teen functioning better and appearing more confident.

Is Online Christian Counseling for Kids and Teens Effective at Briefly Counseling?

In a word, YES! In Christian counseling, many clients report a noticeable decrease in anxiety symptoms in as little as 6-8 sessions. Plus, kids and teens love the fact that they can receive online therapy from home. Doubtful that online therapy is as effective as in-person counseling? Don’t be.

Researchers have actually studied how kids respond to computer-based therapy and found that it can be helpful for both depression and anxiety. According to the study, kids spend so much time on their phones and other devices that this form of therapy may come more naturally to them.

Begin Online Christian Counseling for Kids and Teens in Illinois or Florida with Briefly Counseling

Growing up in this day and age is tough. There is a lot of conflicting information out there that may be hindering your child’s walk. Counseling can provide a greater understanding of God’s purpose for life. Plus your child can address their struggles with God at the center.

At my online counseling office, Christian counseling can help your child reduce their anxiety as well as grow in their faith. As an experienced and caring Christian therapist, I have seen this process work and I am honored to walk alongside your maturing kids and teens.

To start your child’s counseling journey, follow these simple steps:Young black teen smiling and waving at laptop while talking with online Christian therapist in Illinois. If your teen is battling mental health and faith, then beginning Christian Counseling in Illinois is a great starting point. Begin faith-based counseling in Illinois today!

  1. Complete my Contact form or call me at 224-236-2296 to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. If we agree that I’m the right fit for your child, we’ll select a day and time for the first appointment.
  3. Learn more about me, your child’s new online therapist 
  4. Watch your child or teen take hold of their walk with God!

Whether you’re in Chicago, Champaign, Jacksonville, or Crestview, I can help you. I look forward to meeting with you online. Visit my website at for more information or call 224-236-2296 to connect with me personally.