Resilience Reset: A 6-Week Anxiety-Busting Kick Start

Resilience Reset: A 6-Week Anxiety-Busting Kick Start

Is your child or teen…

  • Struggling with anxious thoughts, feelings, or behaviors?
  • Intimidated by social situations or navigating friendships?
  • Frustrated by a lack of focus or ability to manage emotions due to ADHD?

Resilience Reset is a 6-week one-on-one counseling program that aims to reduce anxiety and kick start your child’s existing strengths, resources, and resilience to bring about change quickly.

Unlike regular therapy, Resilience Reset is a structured program with a beginning, a middle and an end. We meet for 45-minutes once a week for 6 weeks.

Common Issues that Bring Kids and Teens to the Resilience Reset Program

Resilience Reset Curriculum Overview

1st Week: We get really clear on what your child hopes to gain from counseling and invite them into a very particular way of describing their life.

2nd Week: Specific age-appropriate tools and techniques are introduced that address the stress and anxiety in their lives and teach them to self-regulate.

3rd Week: Your child decides on the skill(s) they need to develop and apply in order to move towards the change they desire.

4th Week: We continue to build on your child’s new skill(s) as well as look at the areas where they’ve already been successful.

5th Week: Outcomes are clearly defined and progress is tied to the direct actions your child is choosing to take.

6th Week: We tie everything together and help your child to appreciate all the hard work they’ve accomplished during the past 6 weeks.

Benefits of the Resilience Reset Program

  1. Individualized counseling tailored precisely to your child’s needs
  2. All sessions conducted virtually making counseling convenient, comfortable, and private for your child
  3. An environment of collaboration with parents. I send out emails weekly with ways you can support and encourage your child to practice the new skill(s) they are learning.
  4. Your child learns to identify their triggers, how to communicate a need, and use their courage to move forward with self-confidence.
  5. Children feel empowered as they become the agent of change.

A Strengths-Based Approach

The Resilience Reset program is rooted in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. This hopeful and effective counseling approach harnesses a child’s strengths and helps them become unstuck.

Your child will quickly notice that I ask a lot of questions! These questions expand your child’s vision of what’s possible in life. They also challenge your child to shift their pattern of attention. Doing so creates new pathways that lead them to noticing differences and making changes in their life.

I know of no other program like Resilience Reset in Illinois!

Enrollment is on a rolling admissions basis.

Space fills up quickly. Reserve your child’s spot today!

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