Solution Focused Brief Therapy
for Kids and Teens with Anxiety in Illinois and Florida

More Hope. More Confidence. Less Anxiety.

What If Your Child’s Anxiety Could Be Decreased in 6 Sessions or Less?

Instead of tears, you see the confidence needed to tackle tough situations.

In place of fear, you witness the excitement of new possibilities.

Rather than anger, your child meets challenges and recognizes their strengths.

These are some of the consistent outcomes I see every day as an Online Anxiety Therapist. Kids and teens activating their strengths, resources, and skills to bring about change in a brief amount of time.

I work differently:

  • I don’t believe that more sessions equate to “better” therapy.
  • I don’t play cards or board games with your kids and call it “therapy”.
  • I don’t apply adult therapy techniques to your teens and hope that they work.

Instead, I use the clinically researched and evidence-based Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach because it’s so effective.

How does it work?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a questions-based approach that challenges your child to think and shift their pattern of attention. Doing so creates new pathways that will lead your child to notice differences and make changes in their life.

Anxiety in kids and teens can look like fear, anger, sadness…and it often gets in the way of everything else. You need a highly trained therapist who can collaborate with you AND expand your child’s vision of what possible in life.

Let's connect online and get started!


As the parent of a teenager, I know what it feels like to wonder whether you’re doing enough to help your child cope with anxiety.

The truth is prolonged anxiety in kids and teens is not normal, and can make the entire family feel overwhelmed and “sick”.

Hiring an online therapist in Illinois or Florida for practical help and relief may be one of the smartest investments you can make in your family.

As a Certified Solution-Focused Brief Therapist, I offer a compassionate and effective way of working with your child to help them find hope and confidence again…quickly. 

Thankful parents of current and former clients have described me as “special and gifted”, a “Godsend”, and a “loving part of their village”.

Join the many families who trust me to help their anxious kids and teens overcome difficult seasons and regain confidence and hope.

Curious About Online Therapy in Illinois or Florida?

I understand. Sometimes we view “different” with curiosity. Even skepticism.

Online therapy delivers equal benefits to in-office counseling, but provides advantages for kids and teens:

  • Video chatting mimics the way kids and teens are most comfortable communicating with friends.
  • They may feel “safer” than visiting an office and talking to an adult in person.
  • Online therapy can feel more confidential, making it easier for kids and teens to share difficult feelings.
  • Kids can relax in a familiar environment and surround themselves with pets and favorite toys.
  • Online counseling makes therapy more accessible to kids and teens with severe anxiety or health concerns.
  • An online session is easier for parents to manage because no commute is necessary.

Researchers have studied how kids respond to computer-based therapy and found that it can be helpful for both depression and anxiety. According to the study, kids spend so much time on their phones and other devices that this form of therapy may come more naturally to them.

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