Online Short-Term Counseling for
Anxious Kid, Teens & Families (Illinois)

More Hope. More Confidence. Less Anxiety.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Child’s Anxiety?

Have you tried everything you know to calm or reassure your child?

Do you make some progress only to see your child regress?

Do you need someone to facilitate change in your child’s life?

I can help. As a certified Solution-Focused Brief Therapist, I quickly and effectively assist your child in activating their strengths, resources and resilience so they can live with confidence and hope.

My Specialties

Worried Kids (7-12 years old)

You love your child, but lately you find it harder
to reason with them over seemingly
minor things.

Stressed Teens (13-19 years old)

You’re proud of your teen and the young adult they’re becoming. They seemed poised to take on the world and yet, something’s not right.

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As the parent of a teenager, I know what it feels like to wonder whether you’re doing enough to help your child cope with worry and stress.

Hiring a counselor for some practical help and relief may be the best investment you make.

As a Certified Solution-Focused Brief Therapist, I offer a compassionate and effective way of working with your child to help them quickly find hope and confidence again.

Join the many clients who trust me to help their children through some of the most anxious and difficult seasons of their young lives.

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Curious About Online Counseling?

I understand. Sometimes we view “different” with curiosity. Even skepticism.

Online counseling delivers equal benefits to in-office counseling but provides advantages for kids and teens:

  • Video chatting mimics the way kids and teens are most comfortable communicating with friends.
  • They may feel “safer” than visiting an office and talking to an adult in person.
  • Online therapy can feel more confidential, making it easier for kids and teens to share difficult feelings.
  • Kids can relax in a familiar environment and surround themselves with pets and favorite toys.
  • Online counseling makes therapy more accessible to kids and teens with severe anxiety or health concerns.
  • Online sessions are easier for parents to manage because no commute is required.

Researchers have studied how kids respond to computer-based therapy and found that it can be helpful for both depression and anxiety. According to the study, kids spend so much time on their phones and other devices that this form of therapy may come more naturally to them.

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