Photo of Hispanic boy with curly dark hair with an expression of anger on his face and his arms raised and hands clenched at his side. Photo could represent a mix of anger and anxiety in this boy and the need for online solution focused therapy for kids and teens with anxiety in Illinois and Florida.
Photo of black mom and teen son having a nice conversation with each other while sitting on a couch in their home. Photo could represent how much easier it feels for this teen with anxiety to open up since seeing a solution focused brief therapist in Illinois.
Photo of smiling teens facing the camera - one male African America, one female African American, and one female Hispanic. Photo could represent the good self esteem they feel since completing anxiety counseling with their online solution focused brief therapist in Illinois or Florida.
Photo of Caucasian mother sitting on a grey couch holding her grieving daughter in a tight hug. Photo could represent the grief this girl feels from the loss of a friend and the need for online solution focused brief therapy in Illinois or Florida.