Photo of smiling African American boy wearing a gray knit hat and a striped gray and white long sleeved shirt with his arms crossed in front of his chest. This photo could represent him being affirmed for being patient and waiting his turn which he learned from his online solution focused brief therapist in Illinois.
Photo of Caucasian mother sitting on a chair with her ankles crossed in front of her and her head resting in her hands. Photo could represent the anxiety she is feeling as a parent and her fear that it is influencing her child's anxiety.
Photo of Caucasian male teen with backpack on looking up while standing in front of a highway overpass with cars below. Photo could represent teen feeling somewhat lost and fearful needing online solution focused brief therapy in Illinois for his anxiety.
Photo of red headed Caucasian girl lying in bed sick and blowing her nose with a tissue. Photo could represent sickness anxiety and the need for online anxiety treatment in Illinois.