Could Your Family Benefit from Family Counseling?

Parents and child's shoes depicting unity and togetherness after receiving family counseling

Parents and child's shoes depicting unity and togetherness after receiving family counselingDoes your family love and support one another unconditionally? Do you have fun together? Do you find talking with your spouse and children to be easy and effective?

If you had to pause and think about your answers to these questions, there’s a chance your family may not be as cohesive as you think. And that’s okay. Not every family acts like something out of a 1950’s television sitcom. Most have their own fair share of problems.

Pandemic-related Anxiety Among Kids, Teens and Families Has Taken a Toll

Clearly the most significant problem all of us have had to face this year has been COVID-19. Parents and kids alike have dealt with so much loss – predictable routines, social connections, safety of friends and family members, deferred dreams and plans as well and emotional and financial stressors. All of these challenges have taken a toll on our emotional wellbeing.

As parents, it can be especially difficult to know how to help your children through this challenging time. Perhaps your once outgoing and confident child has become insecure and anxious? Or your once talkative teen is now sullen and depressed?

You wonder how you’re going to guide them into a more positive view of life when you’re struggling yourself. This may just be the perfect time to get some guidance for your entire family.

4 Benefits to Family Counseling

If you’ve never considered working with a therapist before, here are some benefits of family therapy to consider:

Improved Communication

There aren’t many families out there that have flawless communication skills. It’s actually far more common for family members to feel that they can’t open up to one another. This of course leads to a disconnect between spouses or parents and children.

A family therapist can facilitate effective and respectful communication between your family members.

You’ll Understand Your Kids Better

Do you find yourself going slightly insane in an attempt to understand why your one child lies so much? Are you scratching your head as to why your other child is constantly hitting your first child?

We all think because our kids are made from our DNA that we’ll have some magical insight into why they do what they do. Nope. The truth is, many parents are in a constant state of bewilderment over their child’s behavior.

Family therapy will help your child feel safe enough to express their thoughts and feelings, giving you many “a-ha” moments.

Help Your Kids with Self-Esteem Issues

Healthy self-esteem is the foundation for a successful life. But unfortunately, many kids grow up feeling less than confident or good about themselves. A child with self-esteem issues may be the product of a parent with self-esteem issues.

The great news is that a family therapist can help both children and their parents build up their self-esteem and resilience to become happier individually and as a family unit.

Help You Deal with Grief

Whether it’s a divorce or the loss of a loved one, most families are ill-equipped to handle loss, especially sudden loss. A family therapist can guide each one of your family members through the stages of grief so they can heal.

Begin Online Counseling for Kids, Teens and Families in Illinois

If you feel your child or entire family could use some help with any of these issues, it’s wise to seek support from a therapist.

Online therapy at Briefly Counseling can help. Often having a hopeful conversation about feelings and specific ways to move forward is the best way for all family members to regain confidence and feel better emotionally.

As an experienced and caring therapist, I love providing online counseling. To start your family’s counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Schedule an Appointment button.
  2. Select a day and time in my online calendar
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  4. Watch your family gain confidence and feel better

Other Counseling Services at Briefly Counseling

Anxiety counseling for kids, teens and families isn’t the only service I offer in my Chicago and Illinois online counseling practice. Other mental health services provided by Briefly Counseling includes Christian counseling.

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